Screensick Course

Is Your Child or

Teen "Screen Sick"?

It's Time to Disconnect,

Recharge, and Rediscover

Wellness as a Family.

Is Your Child or

Teen "Screen Sick"?

It's Time to Disconnect,Recharge,

and Rediscover Wellness as a Family.

The ONLY Course of Its Kind Designed to Manage Digital Toxicity At Its Core

Your Complete Self-Guided Course to Taking Back Your Time from Technology and Helping Your Children and Teenagers Do The Same

Module 1:
Understanding the Threat of Screens
Module 2:
Comfort - How to Restore Safety to the Body
Module 3:
Awaken the Social Human Being
Module 4:
Learn to Counter Digital Threats
Module 5:
Master Resiliency
BONUS Mini-Course:
Digital Trauma Relief

The Lure of On-Screen Dopamine is Strong

And Our Kids' Constant Exposure to Technology Isn't Making it Any Easier For Parents to Manage

Ever wonder how screen time is affecting your child or teen's developing brain?

Ongoing studies have shown that exposure to fast-paced, violent content, combined with excessive screen time trigger the release of the "feel good" chemical dopamine pathways in the brain.

In addition to chasing after these rewarding "hits of dopamine, too much screen time can lead to:

Sleep Issues

Depression and Anxiety

Social-Emotional Problems


Endless Scrolling

Constant battles & arguments over screen time

Exposure to inappropriate content

And even altered brain development

Setting “parental limits” can help — but what about when your kids aren't at home? And, are you modeling a healthy relationship with technology yourself?

You need a way to set healthy boundaries as a family and create a concrete plan of action that helps you safely and slowly introduce and manage tech in your home

You Want What's Best for Your Kids, But The Odds Seem Overwhelming With Technology Around Every Corner

Screen Sick Offers A Science-Backed Plan of Action that WORKS, Including:

Healthy Limits on Screen Time Without Arguments and Tantrums
Create a comforting, tech-neutral home environment, give and taper gradually, and avoid violent outbursts while taking note of any high-rish behaviors that could be dangerous and require more intense guidance.
Step-by-step Techniques to Restore Sleep Patterns, Encourage Sociability and Detox from Digital
These are the formative years of a child and teen to develop key social skills that will serve them well into adulthood. At the same time, their bodies and minds are changing and it's vital to encourage proper sleep habits while gradually "detoxing" from digital.
Actionable Methods to Help "Retrain the Brain" and Loosen the Grip of the Screen
Chasing dopamine hits rewires the brain to seek out the next "high" again and again. I'll teach you proven, impactful strategies to help lessen these behaviors and course-correct to help the brain develop normally as it should.
Recharge, Rebalance and Redirect Toward Healthy Behaviors: Mentally, Emotionally and Socially

This course is for parents who:

  • Want to establish and stick to a conrete plan of action to limit screen time, without the emotional outbursts, temper tantrums and sneaking devices behind your back.
  • Are looking for a proven, science-backed way to help their child or teen "digitally detox" from too much screen time while restoring proper sleep patterns, social habits and a renewed appreciation for the people and the world around them.
  • Cultivate positive relationships and healthy boundaries with regard to screen time while being aware of the tell-tale signs that may need a more intense, professional approach.
  • Need to know how much damage has already been done and what steps athey can take to reverse it, starting right now.
  • Want to protect their children by doing a detailed and comprehensive "safety sweep" of their devices or take swift action when dangerous or inappropriate material has been viewed.
What happens if nothing changes?

Children and teens are not yet developmentally mature enough to be able to handle the barrage of stimuli thrown at them from the social networks and platforms whose only goal is to continue feeding them more and more feel-good dopamine hits and keep their eyes glued to the screen.

That means more profits for them, but more potential long-term damage done to your son or daughter.

And science has already shown us

what happens if the trend continues:

  • Irregular sleep patterns and fatigue
  • Increased symptoms of anxiety and depression in both children and teenagers
  • Impaired academic performance and lower test scores
  • Increased risk of obesity, especially when paired with watching TV and videos
  • Social-emotional problems, including issues with regulating emotion, interpreting social cues, aggressive behavior and more.
  • Desensitization to violence, creating the belief that violence is the only way to solve problems.
  • Less time for creative play which is necessary for proper, healthy brain development.

Screen Sick Helps You Stop

and Reverse the Damage:

  • Set workable screen time limits in a comforting and safe home atmosphere that helps children and teens redirect their energies into more creative, functional, worthwhile endeavors.
  • Regulate emotional outbursts, mood swings, self-harm and other types of maladaptive coping behaviors associated with weaning off from digital devices.
  • Encourage social (re)awakening and help your child or teen to reassess their relationship with their device along with instilling proper social behaviors and responses.
  • Counter digital threats by discovering the art of "Give and Taper" along with the digital detoxing through proper modeling, text etiquette and quick brain resets that redirect emotion and, when used consistently, help to rewire the brain from a dopamine-seeking pleasure center to its more normal cognitively-aware self.
Here's a Sneak Peek of What's inside
Understanding the Threat of Screens
Unlock the neuroscience of screens and the long-term damage they can cause. Get a helpful screen time tracker and learn how to use it.
Comfort - How to Restore Safety to the Body
Rebalance brain chemicals naturally and create a safe, welcoming comforting environment in your home. Create a restorative sleep plan, set screen time limits and neutralize dysregulating behaviors.
Social Awakening Basics
Is your child socially delayed? Learn what to look for and how to redefine your relationship with your device. Discover how to set rules for screen etiuette and start them on a path to better social-emotional regulation, reaction and behavior.
Learn to Counter Digital Threats
Prevent violent behavior outbreaks, perfect the art of the Give and Taper and see firsthand the proven power of modeling and proper text education. Includes a sample digital detox plan for teens as well as plenty of options for parents who feel that they have none.
Master Resiliency
Create a concrete Family Action Plan with intentional family activities along with reassessments every step of the way. Find out if you need to go beyond what the course offers and seek out professional help and what your next steps should be.
What Our Clients Have to Say...
  • As a mom of 4, I've relied on the ipad or tv for hours when i desperately need to get things done. I never realized how much this was impacting my family. I'm so grateful to this Screen Sick program. It is easy to understand and informative. Full of solutions with great downloadable handouts that are user friendly that I could use right away. I highly recommend this course, it is exceptional. We are all spending so much more time laughing and interacting together now. -Leigh M
  • My family struggled to have even a meal without a cell phone at the table. Then everyone would scatter to their own room and stay isolated on the screen for hours for school, work or video games. I noticed that our family as a whole was reactive, easily irritated, especially my teenage son. He was more negative and wouldn't look you in the eye except for fleeting, darting glances. I just felt so defeated as a parent. After a few weeks of using the Screen Sick strategies, my son caught up on some development milestones! It was like he was stuck, but he started sleeping better, his mood has improved and I feel real connection now. He talkes to me, like really talkes to me!! He went to dinner with his grandmother and cousin this weekend who stated "Wow, that's the most I have heard Pete talk, since he was little!" I was so happy to hear!! Thank you Screen Sick, I feel like I have my family back!! -Elise H.
  • As a mom of older teens, I was already aware that screen time is a problem, but I had no idea how detrimental it is. This course is very informative and provided so much information that really helped me to connect the dots with the physiological effects I have been seeing in my own children. I only wish I had this information years ago. We have started implementing what we have learned and the changes were remarkable from the beginning. The biggest changes I've noticed are increased energy and social interactions along with much more positivity. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is ready to make a positive change, away from screens and back into life, for their family. -Elizabeth M.
This Course Includes
Module 1:
Understanding the Threat of Screens
Module 2:
Comfort - How to Restore Safety to the Body
Module 3:
Awaken the Social Human Being
Module 4:
Learn to Counter Digital Threats
Module 5:
Master Resiliency
BONUS Mini-Course:
Digital Trauma Relief
Includes Bonus Support Materials:
  • Screen Sick Quiz
  • Screen Time Clock Face Tracking Tool
  • Screen Time Block Tracking Tool
  • Screen Etiquette Poster
  • "STAY HUMAN" - Screen Sick Sticker Visual Cue
  • Brain Harmony Sensory Break
  • Erase Yourself from Internet Checklist
  • Bedtime Routine Checklist
  • The Extreme Behavior Volcano Worksheet
  • Family Action Plan Template
  • Social & Human Engagement Skill Building Worksheet
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